About Thinklab

Thinklab is a platform for scientists to share and discuss their research openly, online, and in real-time. Researchers can get feedback on their grant proposals, participate in open peer review, and even lead entirely open research projects. Thinklab intends to partner with science funders to create new incentives and replace a horribly broken 17th century academic reward system.

Our mission

  1. To accelerate scientific progress

    Thinklab seeks to bring about a world where scientists everywhere work together openly over the internet to solve problems, advance our scientific understanding, and create a better world.

  2. To amplify the voices of intelligent, reasoned, experts

    Thinklab aims to increase the influence of science and reason over decision making at all levels of society, including government. We seek to reduce the influence of pseudoscience, misinformation, and all forms of bias and conflict of interest.

  3. To help reduce existential risk

    Thinklab seeks to help reduce the risk of any existential threats that may arise from the exponential growth of technology.