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Why publish a proposal?

  • Get constructive feedback to validate your research plan

    Thinklab review can help you validate your research plan before you've invested a large amount of your time pursuing it. Getting feedback at an early stage means that when results come in, you can be confident they'll be trusted and valued by the scientific community.

  • Increase your funding odds

    To get funded, it's criticaly important that the value of your proposed project is being communicated effectively. It's easy to forget that not everyone has the same set of background knowledge that we do. Thinklab review brings an outside perspective to make sure your proposal is understood in the same way that you understand it.

  • Increase your impact with a citable publication

    Research proposals hold scientific value in and of themselves. Publishing them creates a resource that others can learn from and build upon. That's why Thinklab gives them a DOI and makes them citable. The result is that your proposals can create a scientific impact, while growing your citations, even if they're not funded!

  • Establish provenance over your ideas

    By publishing your proposal on Thinklab you create a public record with a timestamp that establishes you as the originator of your ideas.

  • Find new collaborators

    A thinklab proposal increases your visibility. It creates the possibility that people will see what you're working on and want to collaborate.