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Automatically insert images

I fell in love with Github's feature that supports direct copy pasting or dragging of images into the comment edition pane.

I don't know how much work this would entail, but it would be a great addition, especially if there is a place where I could see all the hosted pictures of a specific project.

Yes, that is a nice feature. However, given the amount of work it would likely take to implement, I'm going to defer this until Thinklab has more usage/momentum.

Workaround using GitHub Issues

@alizee, I created a GitHub Issue that we can use to get this functionality without too much hassle.

As an example, I uploaded an image to the Issue and will now include it on Thinklab using:

![Rephetio metagraph and visualization]( "This is hosted on GitHub")

Which displays as:

Rephetio metagraph and visualization

Status: Deferred
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