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Hi folks,

I'm writing this comment in Meta, an area of the site where community members can discuss ThinkLab itself. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions this is where you should post them.

Posting publicly will give others the chance to weigh in. (And that's kind of the point of this site.)

  • Daniel Himmelstein: Meta link is broken. Also, perhaps a feature so I can delete this note once the issue is fixed.

  • Jesse Spaulding: Fixed. For now the plan is to wait and see how often it's requested to be able to delete a note. I don't think it's something we want happening a lot. Although, if people are free to edit their comments it makes sense that they could delete it as well.

  • Daniel Himmelstein: I still get a 'ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE' error when clicking Meta. I was thinking, once these bugs are fixed, we could delete these messages, but I'm fine with the messages staying online.

  • Jesse Spaulding: I actually fixed a different Meta link. Now both are fixed. As trivial as this conversation is I think it's best to leave it :)

Hi all,

I'm not fond of how are treated the output links, for the references in particular. I find it a bit frustrating to arrive on a page with only the title and Disccusion/Followers. I wondered if it was broken at first. Now I get it, you can click on the doi to get to the destination, but I think the UX is a bit puzzling.
I'd rather have on the page itself a preview of the ressource. If it's an image, let's get it, if it's a paper, the abstract... Something.
Another solution would be to ask if I want to go directly to the link at the moment I click on it.


  • Jesse Spaulding: Thanks for the feedback. The preview of the resource may not be possible. However, we should be able to come up with a better UX for those who want to go directly to the link (most people). Will work on it..

  • Daniel Himmelstein:

    @jspauld, the new display format and linking system for references is a big improvement. Some suggestions:

    • the tooltip that appears when hovering over a references disappears when I move my mouse over it (so I cannot click links or copy text).
    • the author list is overly punctuated. I prefer the sparsely punctuated format of "Wei WQ, Cronin RM, ...".
    • consider journal names in italic
    • consider article names in bold or underlined
    • consider implementing in citation style language and sharing, so I can use the style for my RMarkdown documents.

  • Daniel Himmelstein: @jspauld, perhaps we should be able to associate multiple publications with a single discussion. For example, many resources have an initial publication and periodical update publications. Or a discussion could compare two resources and therefore be applicable to both.

    It would also be helpful for publication pages to link out to all citing pages.

  • Jesse Spaulding: @dhimmel Agree with your points and will work on it.

  • Jesse Spaulding: @dhimmel Most of your suggestions have been implemented. Publication pages now link out to all citing pages, and I've created a separate post about that.

  • Daniel Himmelstein: @jspauld, I am getting a database error when I try to change the publication associated with a discussion.

    Processing LabeledIn to extract indications
    Daniel Himmelstein, Ritu Khare (2015) Thinklab. doi:10.15363/thinklab.d46
  • Jesse Spaulding: @dhimmel should be fixed now. Please ignore the last message — I was mistakenly still logged in as you.

More a silly question than constructive feedback: can we change our handle after creation of the profile? I somewhat screwed up the profile creation part, and I've been told I could have during these steps, but I can't find the functionality anywhere now.


  • Jesse Spaulding: Yes, you can. If you click your profile image in the top right of the screen you will see a menu. Click 'Account'. This UI is being used by others, such as Twitter. But, I don't actually think it's that intuitive — so, may change it.

  • Antoine Lizee: Okay I should've dig a bit further to understand "account" and "profile" settings are different. It's not that counter-intuitive, but adding a link to the account settings in the profile editing pane and vice-versa would be nice. Or just two tabs? Thanks for the quick answer.

In the "It breaks" section,

I cannot change my profile image. I get a page with just written in plain text "server error".
I managed to find one image that went through, but I have no idea why.


  • Jesse Spaulding: This should be fixed. Can you try again with one of the images that didn't work?

  • Antoine Lizee: It works now, thanks. But I need to refresh the profile page to see the modifications.

Are e-mails being evaluated during login in a case sensitive manner? It seems like I have to remember the precise capitalization that I used when I signed up. Case sensitive e-mail systems are discouraged but allowed by RFC2821, but I don't know if they are prevalent enough (I haven't encountered one) to matter for the convenience trade-off.

Edit: Link to RFC (second paragraph of 2.4):

  • Jesse Spaulding: Good catch! Yes, they were evaluated case sensitive. This should be fixed now.

Author order in crossref

Our project is now citable with a doi [1]!

However, the current author order in crossref is incorrect.

  • Jesse Spaulding: Will fix. We forgot to update that when we added author ordering to ThinkLab.

  • Jesse Spaulding: Author ordering with Crossref has now been corrected.

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