Microbial resistance to disinfectants in animal shelters [MicrobeResist]

Play up your lab’s leadership in open science!

Great job so far Holly.

May I suggest that for the Team & Resources section you play up the fact that your lab has been a leader in the open science movement? If you look at the peer review form for the initial proposal you'll see one of the rating criteria is "Open Collaboration". If ThinkLab is successful, the fact that Jonathan and the rest of your team have made a proactive effort supporting open science will definitely be a huge advantage for you.

Also, feel free to add links to the proposal. (For example you might add a link so people can see all the awesome open science related stuff your lab is involved with.) Remember, this system is web-native. Let's take advantage of the medium. Links can be added using markdown. I might create another post with some markdown suggestions.

I tried to use markdown in my profile but it did not seem to work ...

  • Jesse Spaulding: As of this moment it's actually not designed to work there. I think the reason is that I was planning to have that text shortened to X characters with a "more" link for people who wanted to read more. Just get's a little tricky if it's in markdown. However, links would be nice so I'll see what can be done.

  • Jesse Spaulding: Just FYI - the profile 'about' section will not be markdown for now. I've taken the liberty of removing the markdown you added for you.

Holly Ganz Researcher  June 10, 2014

Thanks for the suggestion. I will add some links to our open science effort.

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