The Open Science Prize

From Wellcome Trust

Proposals applying

1 More Inclusive Open Science with Language Workbench Technology
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 29, 2016  —  While most scientists could benefit from using computational tools in their research, many scientists are not sufficiently computationally savvy to use current advanced tools. An ongoing challenge of Open Science is to enable the broadest community of scientists to use the computational tools nec...
4 Edge: a framework for developing collective understanding
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 23, 2016  —  We propose to create a mobile application for the Life Sciences, targeting non-technical users, that will provide candidate explanations for relationships between pairs of concepts based on information harvested dynamically from the Web.
9 Thinklab: A platform for open review of research grant proposals
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 15, 2016  —  Thinklab is a platform that facilitates open review of research grant proposals, and a highly collaborative version of open notebook science. We're creating Thinklab because we believe the interests of science and society are best served if the entire scientific process is open — not just the sof...