Rating comments

How to rate a comment

Below each comment you will see boxes which allow you to indicate how much you think the commenter should earn for their contribution.

Who can rate comments

The people rating comments will generally be the same people that are collaborating on the project in which the comment was made. Any user that is affiliated with a research institution or that has been approved for participation may rate comments.

How are comment points calculated?

Each comment has a point score that generally corresponds to the average of the ratings it received. However, there are several considerations:

  • We weight ratings from more respected users higher than less respected users.
  • We discount ratings made from people at the same institution.
  • Ratings are adjusted based on how generous the rater typically is.
  • Point totals will be discounted if the comment has received only a few ratings.

How are comment earnings calculated?

When adding comments in funded projects users can expect to make money based on how many points their comment receives and based on their Thinklab Participation Score. See how earnings are calculated.