Reviewer Rewards

What are Reviewer Rewards?

Reviewer Rewards give proposal reviewers (and project contributors) a financial incentive for providing high quality constructive feedback. Funds may be posted by sponsoring organizations who have posted Thinklab funding opportunities, or by the researchers themselves.

How are earnings calculated?

Earnings =

Payment eligible points

Peer assessed points from contributions made where Reviewer Rewards have been posted.


Participation Score

An algorithmically determined value from 0.5 to 1.5 that measures participation in the community. (See below.)

How are payment eligible points earned?

If Reviewer Rewards have been posted, users can earn payment eligible points in two ways:

  1. Proposal review — When a user reviews a Thinklab idea or proposal, their review, consisting of their annotations and (inline) comments, is peer assessed.
  2. Thinklab discussions — When a user posts a comment in a Thinklab discussion that comment is peer assessed individually.

How is the Participation Score calculated?

Your participation in the following activities affects your earnings. Here's our recommendation for maintaining a good participation score:

  • Rate comments from others
    You should rate 5-10 comments for each comment that you add yourself. (We generally want you to rate every comment you read.) Learn more.
  • Add comments to proposals/projects with no reviewer rewards
    Adding valuable comments at times when proposals/projects have no reviewer rewards will serve as a bonus on your Participation Score.

How much can people earn?

Thinklab earnings are entirely merit based. Proposal review is a significant time investment and we expect people to earn between $100 to $400 for completing a full review. Comments posted on discussion pages are individually rated and they can earn from $0 to $100 depending on peer assessment as shown.