Writing in markdown

Markdown basics

Thinklab uses GitHub flavored markdown to allow formatting of text.


Citation with inline DOI

This is the simplest way to create a citation. Just use the DOI inline as shown below. The citation meta-data will be automatically fetched from CrossRef and the reference will be automatically added to your references list.


Or for multiple citations at once:

[@10.15363/thinklab.4 @10.15363/thinklab.3]

Citation with no DOI

If there is no DOI associated with your reference you'll need to use a citation key and then define full citation elsewhere. A URL is optional as shown. You cannot use markdown inside the quoted citation.


[@citation_key]: "Citation text in quotes"


Thinklab proposals and research reports can include figures. Once the figure has been created from the project manager it can be inserted into a document like so:


These figures can then be referenced from the document by creating links like so:

[Figure {n}](#metanodes)
[Table {n}](#metaedges)

Our system will replace {n} with the correct figure or table number.


You may embed Youtube or Vimeo videos with the following markdown:



We support MathJax.

Inline example:

Inline $$1+1=2$$ example

Block example: