Assistant Project Scientist   University of California, Davis   Genome Center
I am an ecologist who studies the microbiology of animals and places where animals live. As a member of Jonathan Eisen's lab, I am also actively learning about science blogging, tweeting and open science.
Project Scientist   University of California, Davis   Genome Center
David Coil is responsible for supervising undergraduate research projects in microbial ecology and genomics in the Eisen Lab. Also assisting existing research projects in the lab including microbial sampling, metagenomics, and genome assembly. And finally, performing public outreach in Microbiology through the microBEnet project, which is focused on communication in the context of studies of microbiology of the built environment. David received his PhD in 2005 from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/University of Washington, working on retroviruses. Since then he has lectured at the UW, done a post-doc in Belgium working on Legionella, and helps direct a non-profit in Alaska called Ground Truth Trekking. Follow him on Twitter: @davidacoil
Postdoctoral Scholar   Stanford University   Developmental Biology
Molecular geneticist and cell/systems/synthetic biologist. I cut my teeth on cell envelope biogenesis (studying how bacteria build the wall that helps keep antibiotics out) and in the process acquired a deep appreciation for the power and elegance of bacterial genetics. Currently, I am (very) broadly interested in dissecting, constructing, and evolving regulatory networks.