Björn Brembs

Professor of Neurogenetics   Universität Regensburg  
I study how brains initiate spontaneous actions and how experience with the consequences of these actions shapes future behavior.


3 What is the function of FoxP in operant self-learning?
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Nov. 18, 2015  —  The Forkhead Box P2 (FOXP2) transcription factor is the first gene discovered to be specifically involved in the development of speech and language. Recent studies in birds, mice and fruit flies have shown that the gene exerts this involvement via its conserved function in a particular form of op...

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How much expertise is it realistic to expect grant reviewers to have?
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0 Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Sensorimotor structure of Drosophila larva phototaxis. -
0 Sub-strains of Drosophila Canton-S differ markedly in their locomotor behavior 2014
0 Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Object tracking in motion-blind flies. 2013
0 Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience. 2013
0 Deep impact: unintended consequences of journal rank 2013
0 Open Source Tracking and Analysis of Adult Drosophila Locomotion in Buridan's Paradigm with and without Visual Targets 2012
0 Radish-rit-data 2012
0 Spontaneous decisions and operant conditioning in fruit flies 2011
0 Ritalin rescue of radish flight phenotype 2011
0 IgY Technology: Extraction of Chicken Antibodies from Egg Yolk by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Precipitation 2011
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