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Highlighting the immediacy of Thinklab

Thinklab captures the benefits of making research immediately available without abandoning peer review. I think publishing delays should be play a more prominent role in the proposal.

First, publishing delays are a real pain point for scientists and solutions will be appreciated. My blog posts on the topic (first and second) are two of my most popular works.

With ASAPbio having just taken place [1], speeding up communication will be on peoples' minds. Harness the attention!

Delays can be split into two categories:

  1. delays prior to journal submission. See [2].
  2. delays post journal submission. See [3, 4, 5, 6, 7].

Preprints only address the second category. However, Thinklab addresses both. And the first category usually takes the majority of time. Posting projects online from their conception would bring content into the public domain years before the current publication system permits.

Any hard numbers, even if just estimates, will help readers grasp the Thinklab's potential in shortening delays.

Status: Accepted
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