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Dynamic user mentions

People minimize signup time by not customizing their user handle. However, if they continue using ThinkLab, they may want to change their handle. Also, someone's preferred handle often changes over time.

Once, It would be great if all handles (example: @jspauld) in text fields became dynamic upon submission. So if Jesse changed his handle to @jpaul, because he thought it sounded cooler, the previous sentence would update. #betterthantwitter

Finally, mentions should hyperlink to the corresponding user's profile.

Great. I'll put this on the backlog of things to do. I don't think there's a particularly elegant solution to do this on our backend but certainly it can be done.

Status: Deferred
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Daniel Himmelstein, Jesse Spaulding (2015) Dynamic user mentions. Thinklab. doi:10.15363/thinklab.d28

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