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RSS Feed per project option

I would like to receive project updates directly on feedly. Could you create an RSS feed option to track projects.

Another option to consider is an Atom feed, which is a newer standard than RSS. Feedly can also import Atoms, which are more feature rich and may be better at handling updates to feeds.

Thanks for making the request Alex.

At this moment I'm not familiar with what the implications will be for creating RSS feeds. So I can't promise it will get done. However we will definitely look into it. A few things I'm concerned about:

  • Will this make it harder for us to make changes to the site in the future? ThinkLab is brand new and we need to maintain flexibility to be able to change things.
  • Are there extra performance issues we need to worry about with this?
  • Will this negatively affect our comment peer assessment system? People need to be on ThinkLab to be able to rate comments.

Not saying we won't do it — just that we need to look into it further. In the meantime if you click to "Follow" the project you will receive updates on the project daily. Or if you want real-time notifications there is a setting for that in Notification settings.

Status: Deferred
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