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We now have a figures feature

Using pure markdown for including figures and tables in ThinkLab proposals and project reports has seemed to be less than ideal. Sure you can include an image or markdown table and type in "figure 1" or "table 1" underneath it, but then that's all you've got.

Our new figures feature offers the following:

  • Figures and tables just look prettier. See the Pathways4Life proposal.
  • Figures and tables can be moved around and we automatically update its position (ie. we'll change "Figure 1" to "Figure 2" for you.)
  • We'll be able to add click-to-zoom and download features. (Coming soon)
  • We'll be able to register a DOI if that's something people want?

@dhimmel do you want to try this out on your proposal? Let me know if you have any feedback.

Great implementation.

@jspauld, I added the tables and figures using markdown, i.e. [:figure](metagraph). However, the figure description prints as None. When I changed the caption alignment, the description started properly displaying. I didn't resolve the error for the two tables, if this will help you diagnose.

  • Jesse Spaulding: Yes, sorry, I forgot I partially added the figures for your proposal. I've fixed this for you — just required re-saving the edit figures form. Also, I just noticed you still have Table 3 in its original format.

  • Daniel Himmelstein: Good catch, I converted Table 3.

@dhimmel in my estimation it makes more sense for table titles and descriptions to appear above the tables not below. This is because as readers I think people will want to first understand what the table is by reading the title and description. On the other hand for figures I think it's more reasonable people would want to scan the figure before reading about it.

I guess it's a standard to always have the descriptions below is it? But do you have any idea why? Do you think below is better?

I am slightly embarrassed that I had yet to develop an opinion on caption placement.

Captions above tables and below figures is used by PeerJ — a publisher that scrutinizes over design decisions. I switched my proposal to this layout and prefer the new aesthetic. At first it seemed incongruous to place the caption differently for figures versus tables, but on closer examination I don't sense incongruity.

I'm interested in @ksimeonov's judgement on this matter.

When replacing a figure with a newer version there should be better feedback that the replacement succeeded. Currently the preview image doesn't update after choosing a new file and the proposal only updated in my browser after a refresh.

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