Postdoctoral Researcher   University of California, Davis   UC Davis Genome Center
Postdoctoral Research Associate   University of Oregon   Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Assistant Professor   University of Pennsylvania   Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics
PhD Candidate   University of California, San Francisco   Biological & Medical Informatics
Digital craftsman of the biodata revolution and pioneer of data integration for human health.
Human Capital development manager, Bioinformatics   CPGR  
Research Scientist   Baylor Research Institute  
Assistant Professor   The Scripps Research Institute  
Founder at Hyasynth Bio & Bricobio   Hyasynth Bio  
Research Software Engineer   University of California, Davis  
Associate Member   Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation  
Postdoctoral Fellow   University of California, San Francisco  
Bgee project manager   Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics  
Research Associate   The Scripps Research Institute  
Assistant Professor   Washington University in St. Louis   McDonnell Genome Institute