Proposals funded

4 Edge: a framework for developing collective understanding
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 23, 2016  —  We propose to create a mobile application for the Life Sciences, targeting non-technical users, that will provide candidate explanations for relationships between pairs of concepts based on information harvested dynamically from the Web.
9 Thinklab: A platform for open review of research grant proposals
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 15, 2016  —  Thinklab is a platform that facilitates open review of research grant proposals, and a highly collaborative version of open notebook science. We're creating Thinklab because we believe the interests of science and society are best served if the entire scientific process is open — not just the sof...
5 Predicting Bcr-Abl targets using a hybrid information extraction system
Awaiting Funder
Jan. 18, 2016  —  A graduate student fellowship research proposal to identify novel Bcr-Abl targets using a literature based approach employing crowdsourcing and machine learning.
10 Pathways4Life: Crowdsourcing Pathway Modeling from Published Figures
Awaiting Funder
June 9, 2015  —  A wealth of novel pathway information is trapped in published figures. This information, if properly modeled would be immensely useful for analyzing and interpreting large-scale omics datasets. Aligned with the broader BD2K initiative, this proposal sets out to transform the wealth of information...
86 Rephetio: Repurposing drugs on a hetnet
Report published
Welcome to project Rephetio. We aim to predict the probability that a given approved small molecule will treat a given complex disease. First, we construct a hetnet for drug repurposing. The network integrates 29 public resources and contains 47 thousand nodes (of 11 types) and 2.3 million edges ...
43 Thinklab Meta
Project in Progress
A project to discuss ThinkLab itself.