PhD Candidate   University of California, San Francisco   Biological & Medical Informatics
Digital craftsman of the biodata revolution and pioneer of data integration for human health.
Professor   University of California, San Francisco   Neurology
Assistant Professor   University of Pennsylvania   Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics
Research Scientist   University of California, San Francisco   Department of Neurology
Got taught Maths and Physics, enjoyed Neuroscience in grad school, now working on building smart stuff for clinicians with algorithms and data.
Dr. rer. nat.   Ludwig-Maximilans University   Human Biology and BioImaging
Research & Assessment Coordinator / Staff Psychologist   California State University, Fullerton   Counseling & Psychological Services
Founder at Hyasynth Bio & Bricobio   Hyasynth Bio  
Founder   ThinkLab  
On a mission to bring about a world in which scientists share their research openly online and in real-time while collaborating with peers worldwide.
Undergraduate   Johns Hopkins University  
Assistant Professor   University of California, San Francisco  
Undergraduate Student   Tsinghua University  
Professor   University of Copenhagen  
Kaiser Permanente   Decision Support
PhD student   German Cancer Research Center   Applied Bioinformatics division
Postdoctral researcher @ CiRA, Kyoto University.   Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University