Open proposals

2 Crowdsource project on Building Indian Journals Database of Access Policies
Open for Review
March 11, 2016  —  The aim of this project is to develop a database having all the ISSN Journals from India along with the related information related to the journals viz., year of start, language, place (city), publishers, print only, closed access, open access, license, urls, etc. It is also planned to integrate...
1 More Inclusive Open Science with Language Workbench Technology
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 29, 2016  —  While most scientists could benefit from using computational tools in their research, many scientists are not sufficiently computationally savvy to use current advanced tools. An ongoing challenge of Open Science is to enable the broadest community of scientists to use the computational tools nec...
4 Edge: a framework for developing collective understanding
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 23, 2016  —  We propose to create a mobile application for the Life Sciences, targeting non-technical users, that will provide candidate explanations for relationships between pairs of concepts based on information harvested dynamically from the Web.
9 Thinklab: A platform for open review of research grant proposals
Awaiting Funder
Feb. 15, 2016  —  Thinklab is a platform that facilitates open review of research grant proposals, and a highly collaborative version of open notebook science. We're creating Thinklab because we believe the interests of science and society are best served if the entire scientific process is open — not just the sof...
5 Predicting Bcr-Abl targets using a hybrid information extraction system
Awaiting Funder
Jan. 18, 2016  —  A graduate student fellowship research proposal to identify novel Bcr-Abl targets using a literature based approach employing crowdsourcing and machine learning.
3 What is the function of FoxP in operant self-learning?
Open for Review
Nov. 18, 2015  —  The Forkhead Box P2 (FOXP2) transcription factor is the first gene discovered to be specifically involved in the development of speech and language. Recent studies in birds, mice and fruit flies have shown that the gene exerts this involvement via its conserved function in a particular form of op...
10 Pathways4Life: Crowdsourcing Pathway Modeling from Published Figures
Awaiting Funder
June 9, 2015  —  A wealth of novel pathway information is trapped in published figures. This information, if properly modeled would be immensely useful for analyzing and interpreting large-scale omics datasets. Aligned with the broader BD2K initiative, this proposal sets out to transform the wealth of information...
86 Rephetio: Repurposing drugs on a hetnet
Report published
Welcome to project Rephetio. We aim to predict the probability that a given approved small molecule will treat a given complex disease. First, we construct a hetnet for drug repurposing. The network integrates 29 public resources and contains 47 thousand nodes (of 11 types) and 2.3 million edges ...
8 Microbial resistance to disinfectants in animal shelters
Awaiting Funder
June 1, 2014  —  Each year animal shelters provide essential care for millions of animals, many of which enter the shelter without receiving any prior veterinary care. Animal shelter housing typically has high occupancy of highly stressed, potentially immunosuppressed animals. Consequently disease transmission is...

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