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Digital craftsman of the biodata revolution and pioneer of data integration for human health.


86 Rephetio: Repurposing drugs on a hetnet
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Welcome to project Rephetio. We aim to predict the probability that a given approved small molecule will treat a given complex disease. First, we construct a hetnet for drug repurposing. The network integrates 29 public resources and contains 47 thousand nodes (of 11 types) and 2.3 million edges ...

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How should we construct a catalog of drug indications?
[rephetio] July 8, 2017
Assessing the effectiveness of our hetnet permutations
[rephetio] July 8, 2017
Hosting Hetionet in the cloud: creating a public Neo4j instance
[rephetio] May 17, 2017
Tracking project reuse, citation, and publicity
[rephetio] May 2, 2017
Using the neo4j graph database for hetnets
[rephetio] April 27, 2017
Report Review: Rephetio: Repurposing drugs on a hetnet
[rephetio] April 10, 2017
Our hetnet edge prediction methodology: the modeling framework for Project Rephetio
[rephetio] March 13, 2017
Why we predicted ictogenic tricyclic compounds treat epilepsy?
[rephetio] March 10, 2017
Measuring user contribution and content creation
[rephetio] Feb. 8, 2017
One network to rule them all
[rephetio] Feb. 4, 2017
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Comments Title Year
0 Association of HLA Genetic Risk Burden With Disease Phenotypes in Multiple Sclerosis 2016
0 Genetic Association–Guided Analysis of Gene Networks for the Study of Complex Traits 2016
0 Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies reveals genetic overlap between Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple sclerosis 2016
0 Qualifying Exam proposal: Drug repurposing on a heterogeneous network of pathogenesis 2016
0 iCTNet2: integrating heterogeneous biological interactions to understand complex traits 2015
0 iCTNet2: integrating heterogeneous biological interactions to understand complex traits 2015
0 Heterogeneous Network Edge Prediction: A Data Integration Approach to Prioritize Disease-Associated Genes 2015
0 Understanding multicellular function and disease with human tissue-specific networks 2015
0 Lung cancer incidence decreases with elevation: evidence for oxygen as an inhaled carcinogen 2015
0 Evolving hard problems: Generating human genetics datasets with a complex etiology 2011
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